Writing a small Windows application (on a Mac!)

I needed to created a small Windows application to scan the LAN using UDP broadcast packets, which I had already had working using nodejs, but I needed to distribute a single, small, one click to run exe file.

I tried QT but then realised I had to deploy over 40MB of DLL’s for my exe to run!

I tried Java and whilst it worked I then had to pay for an application to package the jar into an exe.

So, I thought I’d try mono (aka .net) and what a result! I download the MonoDevelop IDE and run it on the Mac from http://monodevelop.com/Download and having written the application in C# and tested it on the Mac, and built the project on the Mac and copied the .exe file to my Windows 7 machine and the little 7Kb application runs perfectly!

Yes, I know my .exe needs .net installed, but I’m quite confident that most Windows machines have this already.

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